Dagger of the Mind

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Hands up if you’ve had almost this exact conversation!


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The Ponds + Armed and D a n g e r o u s 

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You’ve been buttering your cats wrong this whole time.

Science side of tumblr strikes again

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↳ Mary Morstan + character tropes

This rocks.

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sherlock + disguises

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"[Benedict] is rare even amongst the acting breed. If the character description says handsome: he is. If it says Nasty: he is. Older: he is…Younger: he is. For this reason I just can’t wait to see what he will become."
Vaughan Sivell on Benedict Cumberbatch (x)

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some of my favorite behind- the-scenes pictures. uwu

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The Hobbit: Modern AU

↳ Following the death of his grandfather, Thorin Oakenshield is set to take over as head of the company, or so he thought. Smaug, a multi-millionaire from the north, has brought the company to ruin in his abscence, and taken its riches. With the help of his companions, he sets off to take back the company, but Smaug is not the only one standing in his way.